Streamline Customer Onboarding: Simplified with Forms Automation

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Building an onboarding form for a Bank can be made easier and more efficient using Reasy – your low-code development platform. Designed to simplify the application development process by providing a visual interface and pre-built components, the Platform reduces the need for manual coding. With a drag-and-drop visual interface that allows you to design and customize the form easily, you can add form fields, rearrange them, and configure their properties by simply dragging and dropping elements onto the canvas.

With Reasy, integrating the onboarding form with other systems and processes becomes much simpler. These platforms often provide built-in connectors and APIs to connect with popular databases. Once the form is designed and tested, low-code platforms enable quick deployment to various environments, such as web or mobile. You can generate the necessary code and deploy the form with minimal manual effort, saving time and reducing the chances of introducing errors.

Empower business users and citizen developers to create sophisticated onboarding forms without extensive coding knowledge. It accelerates the development process, improves collaboration, and enhances the agility of banks by streamlining form creation and maintenance.