Reasy wins the Top Three Promising Start-ups, 2020 by Seedstars India

December 13, 2020

December 2020: Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Reasy, a user-friendly, low-code application development platform has emerged as the second runner up for Top Promising Start-ups, 2020 by Seedstars India, the biggest startup competition focusing on emerging markets and fast-growing startup companies.

Low Code is the new wave, which brings a viable, pocket-friendly solution to your development woes. Reasy is a new Low Code Startup that is all set to take the business world by storm. It is one of those startups that will usher in the concept of Low Code for the perusal of Indian companies, slowly gaining worldwide attention for its sustainable, easy and fast approach.

Commenting on the occasion, Ms Anisha Shastri, Founder, Reasy said “Reasy, named in the Top Three Promising Start-ups, 2020 by Seedstars India is indeed a great start. At Reasy, we are looking at collaboration between coders and business users. Building apps can be time consuming and expensive. There are a ton of people out there with great business skills but no knowledge of coding. Reasy is our answer to this real issue. Our goal is to shape what the future will look like. So, in the future, we see everyone (as today that uses Microsoft PPT, for instance) building apps with absolute ease using Reasy. We’re simply solving the problem for enterprises by bringing far more people (and more types of people) into the drivers’ seat.”

About Reasy
Reasy is a low-code app development platform that helps businesses build complex apps easily by a simple AI-assisted drag & drop approach. The low-code approach of Reasy enables the development and delivery of applications faster by citizen developers with no prior coding experience. Rather than writing thousands of lines of complex code, the drag-and-drop graphical interface and tools enable business users to create enterprise-scale applications visually and deploy the solutions at lightning-fast speed to quickly adapt to changing business needs.